Li Zheng

I joined Twig Learning Center in the later half of J2 and I saw my grades jump from an E at prelims to an A at the A levels. Mr Donnell Koh has been of tremendous help as my Chemistry Tutor. Being extremely familiar with the syllabus, he can confidently teach new content topics and compile sample questions for practice to ensure that we remember what we learn.

The three guidebooks that you will get as a student at Twig are also the best gift you can ask for as a Chemistry student – 2 years worth of rigorous content condensed into 3 small booklets. Whenever you have doubts or content gaps, you can refer back to the booklet and find the answer most of the time. Super useful for memorising Org Chem reactions too!

Lastly, what sets Mr Koh apart is his commitment to always be there for his students. Whenever you have any questions or clarifications, you can just text him and he would respond ASAP. Closer to the A levels, although lessons have ended, he would still answer my queries that arise from doing TYS, even going the extra mile to provide short video explanations that clear things up easily.

I’m very grateful to have Mr Koh support me during my A-levels journey. Thank you, Sir!