Ming Kwang

I graduated from VJC in 2016. Under the guidance of Mr Koh, I managed to obtain an A in my A’ level H2 Chemistry examination in 2016. Despite scoring an A1 for my O’ level chemistry I found myself struggling to score in H2 chemistry, barely scoring a pass ( grade D ) in my school examination in my J1 mid years. Through joining Mr Koh’s classes, his clear explanations, helpful class exercises, as well as ample supplementary practice materials, I understood chemistry concepts better than I ever expected. Before joining Mr Koh’s classes, I was often lost and discouraged during chemistry lessons in school as many of my peers were performing better than me. However, Mr Koh’s effective teaching allowed me to improve in chemistry tremendously, allowing me to gain confidence in the subject. I even began to be able to help my other classmates in the subject. I am really glad and fortunate to have had Mr Koh as my tutor in my JC chemistry journey.